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#3 The frontline of guethouse in osaka

For foreign travelers who enter Japan Kansai International Airport, Osaka is the gateway from overseas. And Osaka is located a convenient place to access Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, the famous sightseeing place among foreigners. Recently Osaka itself becomes to be a popular city for foreigners because natives are kindly and people can enjoy various kinds of foods and safe nightlife. The number of foreign tourists increases year by year.

Responding to that situation, hotels in Osaka began to focus on appealing to foreign guests. On the other hand, the number of the reasonable accommodations for backpackers called “Guesthouse” increases recently in Osaka. These accommodations offer various attractions such as convenient location, comfortable space utilizing Japanese old house, the atmosphere easy to mingle with other guests, the equipments suitable for long-stay traveler. This time we inform you the updated situation of Guesthouse in Osaka.

The youth hostel located near the center of the city
Previously the youth hostels in Osaka are located at some distance from the center of the city like Hattori-Ryokuchi and Nagai-Koen, but in 2004 “Shin-Osaka Youth Hostel” was opened at 5 minutes on foot from Shin-Osaka Station. This hostel is located on the Osaka City youth culture creation station, and 126 people can stay in 23 rooms such as dormitory room and Japanese-style room. It won the 1st place in Japan, and the 5th place in the world in the lodgers evaluation ranking by International Youth Hostels Association held this year according to the existence of a new, beautiful equipment and ardent volunteer staffs etc. On the other hand, they have the restriction of youth hostel such as curfew.
Shin-Osaka Youth Hostel
1-13-13 Higashi-Nakajima, Higashiyodogawa-ku Osaka Tel:06-6370-5427
Shin-Imamiya is becoming foreign tourist's base.
The economy hotels around Shin-Imamiya Station have increased the number of foreigner guests in recent years. The union of the hotels in this region issued the brochure "Osaka Shin-Imamiya Guesthouse for Budget Tourists" and introduced 13 hotels by a Japanese-English description. They make efforts to attract the travelers from foreign countries.
The cheap lodging house for the worker had accumulated in this area because there was a labor center in front of Shin-Imamiya Station and mediated the works for daily workers. But after 1990’s,
the vacancy factor of these lodgings rose because of the burst of the economic bubble, work decrease caused by reducing the public works and the aging of workers. The accommodations in the area make efforts to provide the service for the foreigner guests such as multi-lingualization of the website and the English response in the reception desk. The access from Kansai International airport and to Kyoto and Nara are very convenient, so the number of foreign tourists who stay at this area has increased every year.
Hotel Chuo
Taishi Nishinari-ku Osaka  Tel:06-6647-7561
Located in front of the east gate of Shin-Imamiya Station.
The charge is ¥2,600~.
Equipped with TV set, fridge, air-conditioner, public bath, private shower for individuals, internet.
If you want communications…
It’ has happened recently that individual owners renovate Japanese old house and start non-large-scale guesthouse about ten people can stay. Most owners used to be backpackers and have traveled around foreign countries, and they wanted to make a dormitory where the backpackers can stay readily and exchange among the guests in Osaka. They offer local information the traveler can’t get easily and provide fine services.

1-11-28 Nakatsu Kita-ku Osaka Tel:06-6374-1423
The dormitory opened in 2003, renovated old temple house. It is in a convenient place of one minute from subway Nakatsu Station. Number of accommodation : 10. Most guests are foreigners because they send information only in English.

Guesthouse U-en
1-5-8 Uemachi Chuo-ku Osaka Tel:06-7503-4394
Two women redecorated the old house and opened the guesthouse in this July. It is in the 2nd floor of regional exchange space named “Yui”. In the 1st floor is located a cafe and an antique shop and the regional people gathers. Equipped with 2 rooms, the private room and sharing room (by gender). The number of accommodation is 11people.
Peace House Showa
2-8-4 San’ou Tennoji-ku Osaka
Now under renovation. They will start as a women’s hostel in December 16th.
Resident type guesthouse for long stayer

There is a guesthouse of the residence type for a long-term stayer in Japan, too. The people who came to Japan using working holiday besides the long trip person because they don’t require deposit and key money and easy to move in. Here we introduce the apartment type guesthouses where equipment necessary for life such as kitchen, TV set, toilet, shower are enhanced.

Orange house
1-21-19 Hannan-cho Abeno-ku Osaka Tel:06-6627-0790
The guesthouse for long stayer equipped with compartment established in 1991. The nearest station is Fuminosato, Tanimachi subway line. The room style is four-and-a-half-mat room and three-mat room of wooden floor. Each room equips with kitchen, TV set, air-conditioner, fridge, cupboard, internet cables etc. The number of room : 30 Rent : \55,000 There is a common room of 60-mats on the roof of the building and the stayers exchange mutually.
Lemon House
1-2-2 Nipponbashi Chuo-ku Osaka Tel:090-5655-1050
This is the dormitory type guesthouse for long stayer, established in 2006 by the owner of Orange House. It is located in the upper floor of the building where the yakitori shop named "Iccho" exists in the first floor, and there is a common room on the roof of the building. Capacity for one room is 4 people. Lodging expense is \12,000 per week, \39,000 per month. Kitchen, toilet, shower are equipped.

November 21, 2007
Hiroshi Yamanou, Osaka Brand Center